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  • CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council

    CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, a national connector and promoter of international trade in machinery industry approved by the Chinese government in 1988, has 20,000 member companies, and established strategic relationship with international manufacturing associations from over 50 countries and regions.

  • Guangdong – Hong Kong- Macau Advanced Manufacturing Alliance

    GHM-AMA is composed of 21 machinery and manufacturing associations in the Greater Bay Area with thousands of member resources encompassing complete machinery production chains.


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Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance Member:

  • Guangdong Machinery Industry Association
  • Guangdong Machinery Mould Technology Promotion Association
  • Guangdong Foundry Industry Association
  • Guangdong Casting Industry Association
  • Hong Kong Metal Manufacturing Association
  • Hong Kong Mould and Product Technology Association
  • Hong Kong Foundry Association
  • Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association
  • Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Industrial Design Association
  • Shenzhen Baoan Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Connector Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Sheet Metal Processing Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Casting Industry Association
  • Zhuhai Manufacturing Association
  • Foshan Machinery Equipment Industry Association
  • Foshan Shunde Robot Association
  • Foshan Shunde Lunjiao Machinery Parts&Accessories Chamber of Commerce
  • Foshan Shunde Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Chamber of Commerce
  • Dongguan Machinery Mould Industry Association





Support Organizations

German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network(AHK)

AHK Greater China is part of the German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK) which includes 140 offices in 92 countries. The AHK's history in Greater China stretches back to 1981, when the first office was opened in Taipei. With five main offices and seven supporting offices in Greater China and Germany, AHK focus on trade and investment between these two regions. AHK also support more than 2,700 members' business interests through the comprehensive services provided by business and investment, and membership platforms.

Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Assiociation (TMBA)

Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA) was founded on Oct. 5th, 2007. TMBA is consisted of more than 800 members of machine tools, accessory, components, and tools companies. The supply chain with intimate cooperative relationship leads Taiwan machine tool industry to own excellent competitiveness on quality and price in the international market. Up to 90% of Taiwan machine tool and accessory industry is located in the central of Taiwan, especially at Taichung, the best cluster of machine tool industry in the world.