AMTech Series Event | Match-making activity among Machine Tool, Automation Solution and Die & Mould Enterprises



In order to enhance the exchange between die & mould enterprises and machine tool enterprises, AMTech&AMC2021 sponsors, CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance(GHM-AMA) and Messe Stuttgart, organized the match-making activity among machine tool, automation solution and die & mould enterprises. The delegation visited DMC show, Tebis booth, Trumpf Factory (Taicang), AMT Technology Center (Shanghai) and Nachi Technology Center, and hold the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exchange Meeting and Match-making activity for die & mould and machine tool and solution enterprise. More than 50 enterprises and 80 people attended.


1st Station:DMC & Tebis


On Oct. 11, 2020, the delegation visited Tebis of DIE & MOULD CHINA 2020 (DMC 2020). Technical experts introduced the Tebis digital intelligent manufacturing cloud platform to them, displayed the cloud platform architecture, cutting-edge cloud manufacturing experience database, innovative technology application and industry success cases, and had technical exchanges with the guests.


After visiting Tebis, the delegation visited DMC 2020. 



2nd station: Trumpf Factory (Taicang)

Trumpf Group is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the world, which is committed to providing solutions for machine tools, lasers and power supply. It is the market leader of sheet metal processing equipment and laser technology.

On the morning of Oct. 12, the delegation came to Trumpf Factory and visited the show hall, laser application center and intelligent factory. Mr. Yang Gang, General Manager of Trumpf, delivered a welcome speech to the delegation.


After the visit, Trumpf held an Advanced Manufacturing Exchange Meeting with die & mould enterprises. Technical experts from Trumpf discussed the application of Trumpf 3D laser system and additive manufacturing products in the die & mould industry.





3rd station:Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exchange Meeting and Match-making Activity for Die & Mould and Machine Tool Enterprise


On the evening of Oct. 12, the organizers held an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Exchange Meeting and Match-making Activity for Die & Mould and Machine Tool Enterprise in Shanghai Kingdom Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. More than 70 senior managers of die & mould enterprises and representatives of machine tool and solution leading enterprises from the United States, Germany and Japan attended.


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Mr. Sun Xitian, Chairman of CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council

Mr. Hans Stoter, President of Messe Stuttgart (China)

Ms. Li Yuhua, Deputy Secretary General of China Die & Mould Industry Association

Mr. Qian Juchu, General Manager of AMT Technology Service Center (Shanghai)

Mr. Chen Yixiang, Director of SwissCham China and President of GF China

Mr. Yang Xiaojun, Mr. Yang Xiaojun, Chief Representative in China of Spain Basque Trade and Investment Department

Mr. Li Yongle, Chief Representative of Japan-China International Exchange Co., Ltd.

Mr. Ouyang Xiangrong, General Manager of Marketing Department of Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yaoxue, General Manager of Hurco Machine Tools (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Zhaojing, General Manager of South China Region of MAZAK (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Huang Changxiu, General Manager of Mastercam

Mr. Liu Haoran, General Manager of Marketing Department of Makino Machine Tool (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhao Peng, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Superior Die Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhou Guojie, General Manager of NACHI (China) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Bao Dong, Senior Engineer of Manufacturing Technology of FAW Die & Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ms. Ouyang Qing, Marketing Manager of Tebis (China)

Mr. Wu Boyong, Deputy General Manager of Shibaura Machine Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Gaoqiao Dufu, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Fa-faic Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Mr. Deng Qiao, Chairman of Shenzhen Rps Rapid Prototype Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hu Xianwen, General Manager of Dongguan Zhongdian Aihua Electronics Co., Ltd. and other leaders of well-known enterprises



At the Match-making activity, Mr. Sun Xitian, Chairman of CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, one of the sponsors of AMTech & AMC 2021, pointed out in his speech that advanced manufacturing technology has entered the channel of exponential growth, and the industry is in a key period of transformation and upgrading. Therefore, we shall establish a high-quality development direction. CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, together with GHM-AMA and Messe Stuttgart, will hold AMTech & AMC 2021 in a new model. VDW and AMT will strongly support and organize their members to participate in AMTech & AMC 2021. In addition, the world-class technical experts will give speeches at AMC. Long Yongtu, the Representative of WTO Entry Negotiation, will also attend. Welcome manufacturing colleagues to join in!



Guests Sharing: 

Mr. Gaoqiao Dufu, General Manager of Fa-faic Automation

"We have designed a production line in the auto industry operated by automation equipment, which is almost an zero-labor factory. In the past 30 years, the automation equipment changes quickly, and the whole automation industry will be developing in the direction of connecting with big data."

Mr. Yang Xiaojun, Mr. Yang Xiaojun, Chief Representative in China of Spain Basque Trade and Investment Department

"Basque shall develop the modern traditional industry, namely advanced manufacturing industry. For China's manufacturing partners, we are both upstream and downstream, so we hope to advance hand in hand with China's manufacturing industry!"

Mr. Chen Yixiang, Director of SwissCham China and President of GF China

"We have designed a complete set of solutions for machining an auto insert: from cutting tool, CNC system to machine tool, so that we can provide a complete supply chain for customers."


At the Match-making Meeting, the enterprise representatives launched a heated discussion on the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the die & mould industry, and fully exchanged their views on the development of the industry and their mutual cooperation intention.


4th station: AMT Shanghai Technology Center

AMT Shanghai Technology Center shows the entity unit of American industrial network, brings more advanced processing concepts and technologies, and introduces more than 150 well-known American manufacturing enterprises to China.

On Oct. 13, the delegation visited the show halls of Hurco, OMAX, Kinefac, Unisorb and GF under the leadership of Mr. Qian Juchu, General Manager of AMT Shanghai Technology Center.

Hurco:In terms of Industry 4.0, Hurco is the first enterprise in the industry to scan, input, generate processing strategies and programs, and finally complete the processing of an actual object without any manual control.


Omax:Water jet cutting metal

Kinefac:Roller Machine

Unisorb:Shock absorbing products


Mastercam:Application of NC machining software in die & mould manufacturing


GF:Metal processing solution



5th station:Nachi Digital Information Center

Founded in 1928, NACHI has 23 branches in Japan and 32 branches in other countries, and is committed to providing robots, machining business, functional parts and materials.

On Oct. 14, the delegation visited Nachi Technology Center. Mr. Zhou Guojie, General Manager of Nachi, and Mr. Liu Xiaobing, Deputy General Manager of Nachi, introduced the company's robots, cutting tools and other related products. In the show hall, the visiting group saw a variety of robot products developed by Nachi, as well as a set of EMS assembly line constructed by small robots through inputting, polishing, assembling, screwing, engraving and taking out.



AMTech is a match-making platform, but the match-making is not only carried out in the exhibition period of four days. In the year before the show, AMTech&AMC2021 sponsors have accurately connected machine tool, solution and die & mould enterprises through a series of activities. In the future, match-making activities in other industries will be carried out one after another. After the show, the match-making activities will continue.

We are committed to being a great connecter and promoter! Welcome to join the advanced manufacturing family!