Success on the Forum of Intelligent Equipment Technology and Solutions for the Foundry Industry


On September 19, 2022, the Forum of Intelligent Equipment Technology and Solutions for the Foundry Industry jointly organized by China Foundry Association, CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance (GHM-AMA) was held as scheduled at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme is "Application of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in the Innovation of Foundry Factories". Nearly 100 experts and representatives of famous enterprises in the foundry industry and advanced manufacturing industry attended the forum to discuss the advanced technology applied in the foundry production process, empowering the future development of the foundry industry. At the same time, this event was jointly broadcast live through AMTech2023, China Foundry Association Video Account, Maschinen Markt, Automobil Industrie and other platforms, with more than 6,700 viewers.



The forum was presided over by Gao Wei, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association. Mr. Gao pointed out that the means through which to digitalize the entire production process of castings and make it smarter are the pain point of the foundry industry at present. This forum invited advanced equipment enterprises to provide high-quality solutions for a smarter, greener, more efficient and more reliable casting production process. Such solutions were based on flexible and automated manufacturing systems, efficient cutting tools for die castings, intelligent robot solutions, mold development and manufacturing application platforms, intelligent logistics and storage system solutions, metal additive manufacturing technology, machining solutions and other aspects

Exchanges on the Application of Flexible and Automated Manufacturing Systems

Li Yurong, Director of the Engineering Technology Department of Yamazaki Mazak (China) Co., Ltd., shared solutions for different mechanical production modes, such as compound processing of single-variety and small-batch parts, flexible manufacturing of multiple-variety and variable-batch parts, and automated manufacturing solutions for single-species and large-batch production. He also introduced the scene design scheme of the flexible manufacturing of mechanical processing and the production workshop of automatic manufacturing.

Efficient Machining Tools for Die Castings

Yu Tao, product manager of Iscar Metal Cutting Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced Iscar's smart cutting tools, applicable to general machinery, automobile manufacturing, energy industries, etc. Iscar's smart cutting tools cut lightly and swiftly, significantly improving tool life and processing efficiency.

Smart Solutions of FANUC Robot in Casting Flexible Production and Application

Wu Jianwen, foundry industry manager of Shanghai FANUC Robotics Co., Ltd., shared the smart solutions to the application of FANUC robots in foundry flexible production from five aspects: FANUC robots and intelligent technology, foundry automation, machining automation, robot grinding and deburring, and informatization of intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

Die development and manufacturing application platforms contribute to the development of large-scale and integrated die-casting

Huang Ziyi, brand manager of Ningbo Junling Mould Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the services of Junling Mold Development and Application Platform, product collaborative development, mold design and manufacturing, sample trial production, multi-variety and small-batch one-stop deliver. He also analyzed the advantages of large-scale and integrated die casting.

Intelligent logistics warehousing system solution

Liu Shaoyun, general manager of Jinan Kede Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the intelligent logistics system and the logistics dispatching center of Meide Group in detail, and introduced the design scheme of diversified vertical warehouses through practical cases.

Solutions to the Application of Metal Additive Manufacturing Technologies in the Industry of Industrial Molds

Lv Long, application development manager of Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd (BLT), introduced the characteristics, advantages and current levels of metal additive manufacturing technology. The application solutions of metal additive manufacturing in the mold industry were shared through specific mold product cases.

Machining solutions help the foundry industry realize intelligent manufacturing

Tang Fangjun, technical director of Shenzhen Genesis Machinery Co., Ltd., with the die-casting aluminum products of new energy vehicles as an example, shared the process solutions of machining equipment in the field of die-casting and the automation solution of CNC automatic loading and unloading. He also introduced the intelligent cutting system, intelligent visual production management system, and cutting fluid recovery system.

This event is one of AMTech2023 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum and Matchmaking Events. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry and promote the development of digital intelligence and double carbon, AMTech2023 organizers will remain engaged in strategic cooperation with global advanced manufacturing associations and the organizers of its user industry brand exhibitions in jointly organizing a series of activities such as technology forums, Match-making activities, and factory visits before, during and after the show. Efforts will be made to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the advanced manufacturing industry and its user industries, promote the exchanges, innovation, application and sharing of intelligent equipment technology and solutions. Efforts will also be made to build values chains, networks and ecosystems for advanced manufacturers, integrators and their users.