Success on the Forum of Intelligent Equipment and Technologies for New Energy Vehicle and the Display!


From September 16 to 19, 2022, the World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference and the 9th China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition (WICV2022) were successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall). The organizers of AMTech2023 and WICV2022 held jointly a forum on advanced manufacturing technology empowering new energy vehicle manufacturing on September 16, and they jointly organized an area in the intelligent equipment section.

The forum was broadcasted live through AMTech, Vogel and Automobil Industrie, with more than 8,500 viewers. The forum has been strongly supported by industrial media such as Vogel Business Media, Metal Working, and Machine China.



First, Yao Zhenzhi, deputy director of the Equipment Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech for the forum.


According to Mr. Yao, China has achieved remarkable progress in developing the new energy vehicle industry through a series of preferential policies that suit the evolution of the auto industry. To promote the intelligent manufacturing requires continuous efforts to promote the application of advanced manufacturing technologies in the manufacturing process to make the auto industry more digitalized, smarter and more internet-powered. This forum serves to promote the construction of an ecosystem between manufacturers and integrators of advanced manufacturing technology and new energy vehicle manufacturers, which will play a positive role in the development of the new energy vehicle industry.



Yang Fenghui, vice chairman of the Shunyi District CPPCC Committee, introduced the business environment of Shunyi District, including its innovative industrial cluster demonstration areas, high-end talent gathering places and preferential policies. According to him, Shunyi District has a superior eco-system for intelligent manufacturing and the auto industry.



An Qingheng, director of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, explained his understanding of the future of new energy vehicles empowered by advanced manufacturing from three aspects.


First, intelligent manufacturing is the choice of every global industrial power. Second, intelligent manufacturing meets the current development needs of the global auto industry. Through the examples of Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and Tesla, Mr. An explained the development strategies of automakers in various eras formulated to meet consumer demand and enable mass production. Finally, he predicted that the automotive intelligent manufacturing industry of China will enter a stage of accelerated development.



Wei Zhigang, deputy general manager of Beijing Electric VEHICLE Co., Ltd., talked about the exploration and practice of BAIC New Energy's intelligent manufacturing. Mr. Wei introduced the history of the company and its efforts to build its own eco-system. He took the BluePark Magna automobile production base as an example to explain the intelligent production line, intelligent production scheduling, intelligent supply chain management, and intelligent quality traceability management in the intelligent factory.


Wang Lunan, deputy general manager of BAIC Group Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd., talked about the large-scale customized production of off-road vehicles empowered by intelligent manufacturing. With advanced manufacturing capabilities, the company can carry out digital and intelligent management and control. It attaches great importance to green manufacturing, and adopts digital marketing to meet customer needs.


Then, the leading advanced manufacturing companies shared how their technologies and solutions empower the development of new energy vehicles.



1. Zhang Weiwei, Vice President of DMG MORI China

"DMG MORI's Digitization and Automation Empower the Sustainable Development of Smart Manufacturing for China"



2. Wang Chunjiang, Director of Hexagon Automotive Intelligence Research Institute

"Hexagon's Intelligent Technology Helps China Develop New Energy Vehicles"



3. Xu Zhengshun, Senior Marketing Director of Siemens China Co., Ltd.

"Technical Features and Enlightenment of Siemens Machine Tool Digital Solutions"



4. Liu Jun, Business Development Director of Bystronic China

"From a single machine to a total solution"



5. Sun Guoqing, Sales Director of Danobat Group China

"High-precision grinding solutions for shaft parts of new energy vehicles"


Impressive Moments



World leading advanced manufacturing companies displayed technologies and solutions in the manufacturing of new energy vehicles in the intelligent equipment area and communicated with professional visitors of new energy vehicle companies at the exhibition.



AMTech & AMC 2023 organizers will continue to serve advanced manufacturing exhibitors before, during and after the exhibition.


AMTech2023 aims to build value chains, networks and ecosystems for the world leading manufacturers, users and integrators!